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Practical Solutions To Reduce Condensation

Every homeowner will have concerns about condensation at some point. It is inevitable, particularly in colder months. Although new uPVC double glazing can reduce the amount of condensation in your home, it will not eliminate it. To ensure moisture does not build up or cause damage to your home, there are a few things you must do regularly.

Why Does Condensation Occur In The Home?

When cold air meets warm air, it will create moisture. A good example is when you get inside your car on a cold winter’s morning. The windows will mist up as your breath and the car engine heat up the inside. Until the heat has been able to warm up the glass, mist will continue to form as a result of the cold air from the outside. This does not mean that the car is flawed or not working, it’s simply a natural occurrence. The windows in your home are largely the same, and are exposed to the same conditions.

5 Steps To Reduce Condensation In Your Home

If you take the time to carry out these 5 small tasks regularly, you’ll see a big difference in the amount of condensation in your home. This leads to less moisture, less mould and a more comfortable environment.


The biggest thing that people forget to do is ventilate their home. It may seem counterintuitive, particularly in winter, but you do need to open the windows every so often to get some fresh air circulating. This will reduce humidity. As well as that, you should also have an appropriate ventilation system installed in moist areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Ideally, these will be turned on when any activity is carried out that could increase humidity.


A dehumidifier will make a huge difference to the amount of condensation in your home. Regularly switch it on to ensure that humidity levels don’t get too high. This is particularly important if you’re drying clothes inside or are experiencing issues with damp.

Mould Building Up Around Double Glazing

Heat & Insulate

It’s important to maintain a consistent temperature indoors, as temperature changes can lead to an increase in moisture. A thermostat will help with this and is one of the most efficient ways to keep your home at a steady temperature. To ensure you’re not losing too much of your heat, make sure that your home is also property insulated.

Curtains & Blinds

Opening the curtains and blinds every day is another way to allow air to circulate. Leaving them shut all day could lead moisture to build up on your double glazing. It’s also a good idea to ensure your windows and blinds are shut at night to keep some of the cold out.

Deal With Damp

As soon as you notice any leaks or damp problems, get an expert to carry out a check. Get any repairs done as quickly as possible to ensure the humidity levels don’t rise too high.

Window Frame With Mould

For New Double Glazing, Choose RefurbaFrame

You can carry out all of these small tasks and be fighting a losing battle if your double glazing isn’t up to scratch. Whether you need new windows and doors or just need a repair job, we can help. Get in touch with RefurbaFrame’s friendly team if you require any of our services.

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